Deepali Raiththa
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My artistic research instigates the inquiry into the ephemeral nature of absence in social construct while relocating to new places. I am interrogating my fluid positionality that is continuously shifting. That leads to contextualizing the research stance in the between and betwixt of the passage. It examines the experience of passing from one place, condition, or stage to another and investigating the in-between space to visualize the invisible via different methods used in construction and the process of producing the work. Research explores the themes of travel, constraint, absence, liminality, and human consciousness. Generating a dialogue between performance, space, and time involves bodily experience, live actions with mixed media installations, and time-based works. The medium and its symbolic function revolve around the conceptual idea, which becomes the artistic expression's metaphorical core. Following the methodology of not knowing and asserting vehemently the power of now and traveling to and fro the cultural localities, I recognized the significance of being perpetually in the state of now rather than contemplating over history. Pondering over the answers to the questions that daily life unfolds, I am continually dropping delusions developing within that binds any individual. The virtue of unexpected happenings and the experiences generated by being a stranger is delicate and momentary; the feeling is fragile and withers immediately. It is the same moment that is expected to capture but not seize and keep aiming towards the same by not clinging to them.

Deepali Raiththa was born in a town called Vapi located in south Gujarat, India, in 1989. She attended Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai, India, and did Post-Baccalaureate in Visual Art at San Francisco Art Institute, California.

Deepali's artwork has been featured in ten exhibitions and performances in the U.S. and India. During her stay in the U.S., she has presented her multimedia installations, video art, and performances in various art galleries like Diego Rivera Gallery, Swell Gallery in 2014-15. She is currently pursuing her MFA at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Furthermore, she has been one of the speakers of the TEDx Talk Emily Carr in 2020.