Deepali Raiththa
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Envelop Of Space

Envelop Of Space
Mixed Media Installation

Creating an atmosphere with the inflated bags, I thought about the fragile body surrounded by invisible, self-created troubles. The space that it occupies in our life is humongous and still invisible. Repetition of these bags and each bag sewn with transparent wire presented an element of craft, giving it a steady coherency. This labor-intensive installation felt heavy and light simultaneously, portraying the fullness of emptiness we are surrounded with. There was a lightness to the structure due to the floating airbags' transparency, and it felt fragile. Individually, the airbag, which looked like a cushion, was very familiar and ordinary material. However, the assemblage of them in the form of a geometric structure had rhythm and dramatic appearance when read as a whole. The airbags started losing some air after a few days, not holding their shape, forming more spaces between the layers, making it less dense, and made it more free-floating. The transformative nature of the installation recreating and changing form generates a new ephemerality narrative, like a happening, which will not happen again and will not last. A new relationship between existence and impermanence unraveled.