Deepali Raiththa
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Eyes, I's and Ice

Eyes, I's amd Ice
Mixed Media Performance

Ice is frozen water; it is rigid and still; opposite to water, which is fluid and moves, water symbolizes life. Ice is sometimes used to symbolize the absence of emotion, like when we represent a person as cold as ice. Icy areas in the world are not easily explored, so it can also symbolize the unexplored entity. The impermanence of ice fascinates me. A solid substance with a form would just melt and evaporate eventually like human life, which is impermanent. And the passage of time melts away every moment passing by. But honestly, this impermanence of life teaches us to be in the present and appreciate it before it's gone.

I had an urge to express what I experienced while trying to be in the present moment when meditating. Trying to translate this expression of "now" in my art practice, I wanted to use a time-based medium, which was momentary, as our human sentiments and experiences continuously change from one state to another. So, I chose ice as it is ephemeral, trying to freeze my ego, which in my belief is my head, metaphor for my false identity. My other medium was performance, which needed my body to be present, and my absolute presence. I covered my head with the hollow Ice-block, sitting in a meditative state on a huge mirror, letting the ice melt, with a projection of myself in various forms, on the walls looking at me.