Deepali Raiththa
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This work resulted from an intuitive experiment, keeping it open-ended with a theatrical backdrop made with paper, an exaggerated throne look, and a play of lights—a white skin clothing on the body to merge with the white background. Face, feet, and hands were painted white. The frustrated self-starts to merge itself with the background, so it cannot be seen any further. The struggle of making self a part of the background through a material that washes itself was real. The ice cube would not take on the colour forced on it; it dripped it down, again and again, making it clear and transparent. Through time, the aesthetic experience is evoked first through art's physical components and then through an intellectual engagement with materiality in the broad sense. The thin transparent, almost invisible layer of ice between the face and the hands created an appealing narrative while distorting the face and forming a play of reflection on the neck and shoulder.