Deepali Raiththa
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The Passage

I am exploring two atmospheres, air, and water, to research the liminality of transition with a sound wave that can travel both atmospheres. It is a mechanical wave to interrogate the transition between the different genres and atmospheres. I wanted to exaggerate the sound by using trumpet as an extension of mouth and a passage into these mediums. The sound that would travel the passage and my physical immersion in water would constitute visceral embodied knowledge.

The passage is a video compilation of blowing the trumpet on the land and underwater. There is a transitional phase when I am in between the air and water. Blowing the trumpet produced a sound that was muffled and unclear and formed these air bubbles populated on the surface of the water, bursting and forming a sound of its own. The bubble has its entity, which was neither present in the air nor underwater. Although both air and water are transparent and without form, it existed between them and had their form and was visible. It rises upward due to buoyancy and has a temporary life span. Only in the passage of the motion/transition forms these air pockets with a thin liquid membrane that is presumably empty/void until it reaches the surface into the new atmosphere and disappears or bursts. These bubbles define my role as a traveler, always in a temporary state of the crossing; the void air pockets which are empty of content and context stay temporary, moving up towards the familiar atmosphere. As it reaches there, it merges. Until a new movement/motion doesn't occur, bubbles cannot form.