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Drawing a parallel between impermanence/traveling, with my continuously shifting thoughts from now, to the past, to the future, and back to now, I started thinking about how humans are in constant transition, moving back and forth within the illusionary realities—always wanting to be 'there'! And when they reach there, they want to be there again—stuck between an infinite loop of theres. The shift is constant. Transitioning between time, there is an experience which is betwixt and between, neither in the past nor in the future. My investigation started around these in-betweens. I started trying to understand the liminality in transitioning from one point to another, leading to this work, 'There' in a loop.

'There' in a loop is a performance by 13 artists within a wooden cubical frame (2" thick) of 8'X8'X8' outside Vancouver Art Gallery. The performers were wearing shiny reflective mirror film wrapped cubes made of cardboard box; They were directed a few repetitive movements to be performed within the cube frame's limits. The empty box was dark inside when worn. Breathing sound amplified for the performers. Moreover, these moments with self, in an empty cube with no context, the brief instants of fear in the dark unknown, knowing you aren't alone, moving the moves, flowing with the flow, but still within limits is what I was experiencing and wanted to express. The cubical within which you work becomes life. Be it a glass building or a concrete cube. We work like machines, ambitiously producing and reckless exhaustion with our eyes in the shiny box, be it a phone screen or a computer screen, the world fits in that, and that's life, that's the reflection. The mirror cube on the heads reflected the world around it and mimicked the reflective glass buildings. It almost gave an illusion of headless humans, or the heads expanded and merged in the environment.